Black Widow is the Most Impressive Avenger

I’m not here to make the case for a Black Widow movie as many would like. Overexposure can weaken a role. Take my favorite MCU character, Loki, for example. Many have called for his stand alone film. And, as much as I love him, I don’t want that. He’s the strongest villain we’ve had so far and laying out all his cards may steal too much of his mystery, effectively neutering his potency.

See: Darth Vader in the Star Wars Prequels

I’d much prefer Loki in a Marvel One-Shot, which would offer the chance to see him truly win without draining him of his power. 

And, I don’t know that this would happen to Black Widow in her own movie, but a huge part of her character is secrecy.

Having said that, I’d watch that movie in a heartbeat. She’s awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that I’ll make the claim that she’s the most impressive of all the Avengers. Sure, Thor and Hulk are powerhouses, Cap’s a super soldier, and Hawkeye’s a hell of a shot. But Natasha brings at least the same value without the aid of enhancements. She’s taken down teams of Hydra agents and Justin Hammer’s crew without the benefit of a vibranium shield or a magic hammer. Her “super”powers, so to speak, lie in her specific set of skills as an assassin, an interrogator and a seductress.

Below are 5 reasons to support my assessment. Many of these factors interlace, but they are separate aspects of her prestige. And before we get started, be warned. There are spoilers from the movies she’s been in, including the recent Captain America film.

  1. Let’s start with an asset that’s truly unique from the rest. She sees things from multiple angles. Being a double agent has equipped her to understand both sides, allowing her to determine motive and anticipate response. In Civil War she read the terrain, prompting her to sign the Sokovia Accords, while keeping one eye on the road. 
  2. She tricked Loki – one of the most intelligent characters in the Marvel universe. Despite the effectiveness of his mind games (she later admitted that he got to her), she extracted what she needed from him while hiding the true damage he’d caused.    
  3. Black Widow receives little of the credit for successful missions. Iron Man in his protective metal suit and the high profile Captain America receive the bulk of the praise and attention. Yet, Natasha does her job in the background without pining for acknowledgements.
  4. She’s braver than the rest. True courage is not being fearless, but overcoming that fear which would cripple some. Black Widow faced the Hulk on her own, shooing others away in the process. She did not run from the Chitauri, nor did she flee Sokovia when the end looked inevitable. Like Hawkeye, she has no superpowers, yet Clint does most of his fighting from a distance while Natasha charges in.

    Which brings me to point 5.
  5. She attacks full force, without hesitation. She is amazing to watch in a fight. No holding back – she just goes for it. When she encounters the Winter Soldier in the 2nd Captain America movie, his deadly force has been established. Steve Rogers is on the scene. Most people would hold off and let him handle it, but not Natasha.  Both in that movie and during the escape scene in the latest film she lunges at him, wrapping him in her lethal legs. 

When you watch Civil War, there’s a scene before this that explains how they got from here: to here:

Can’t say that I blame either one of them…

What do you think? What other reasons make Black Widow more impressive than the other Avengers? If you disagree, tell me why in the comments. Until then, go watch Captain America: Civil War again. It’s the best superhero movie this year.



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