Thomas Sharpe is Not Victorian Loki

Since the release of Crimson Peak, I’ve heard too often that Sir Thomas Sharpe is just another version of Loki, set in an alternate genre. I wholeheartedly disagree with this notion. They are so distinctly different that if they swapped clothing, one could recognize their true identities by their behavior, mannerisms and vocals. Admittedly, obvious physical similarities exist due to portrayals by the same actor. This does not dismiss the glaring contrasts in the characters.

With any combination of flawed heroes, similar traits can crossover. The trick is finding the nuances and motivations that define them as individuals. To demonstrate the parallels and diversity between these characters, I’ve created a diagram, with corresponding descriptions below. As a control to my comparison,  Jaime Lannister is included. An antihero in his own right, he possesses at least as many similarities to Loki and Thomas as they do to each other.

Loki vs. Jaime Lannister vs. Thomas SharpeLoki vs Jaime vs Thomas


  • Ambitious:  Although he claims he never wanted the throne, eager to prove his worthiness as compared to his brother, Loki developed a taste for power and a longing to rule.
  • Brilliant Mind:  More tactician than brute, Loki’s fierce intelligence and cunning equip him to layer his schemes, weaving webs that he alone can follow.
  • Motivated By Pain:  Raised in the shadow of his favored brother, Loki’s envy peaked when he learned of his true lineage. Betrayed and heartbroken, he lashed out at those he loves and anyone else caught in the crossfire.
  • Ruthless:  Loki places little value on the lives of most others. While at times, not deliberately malicious, if someone gets killed as a means to an end, so be it.
  • Sorcerer:  Taught by his adoptive mother, Frigga, Loki is an expert in Asgardian Magic.
  • Unpredictable:  The most complex of the three men, depending on what there is to gain, or the surrounding circumstances, Loki has played loyal sidekick, formidable villain and courageous hero. You never know for sure which path he’ll choose.

Jaime Lannister

  • Blonde:  With hair as fair as Lannister gold, Jaime is a fine example of the lion clan.
  • Direct:  According to Tyrion, Jaime “never untied a knot when he could slash it in two with his sword.” Unreserved and to the point, the Kingslayer filters little of what he speaks.
  • Knight:  Knighted by the age of 15, Jaime Lannister earned his reputation through valiant battle triumphs and tournament victories.
  • Secure in his Parents’ Affection:  Tywin Lannister made no secret of his preference for Jaime above Cersai and Tyrion. Even after Jaime relinquished his claim to Casterly Rock, his father looked for ways to bestow the honor to him.
  • Self-Accepting:  Jaime remains unconcerned with the approval of others regarding his character. He makes his choices with little consideration for public opinion, and only where it might affect his family.

Thomas Sharpe

  • Abused:  Locked in the attic for most of his childhood, Thomas Sharpe suffered from parental neglect. What attention he did receive came in the form of lashings, from which his sister shielded him.
  • Artisan:  From a young age, Thomas poured his energies into skillfully carving intricate wooden toys for his beloved sister.
  • Inventor:  Brilliant in the ways of mechanics, Thomas designed and crafted the ingenious machine that so tragically came together too late to save the family.
  • Naive:  As if expecting to get away with his repeated marriage and murder scheming was not bad enough, he reached the height of his naiveté with the utterance of the one word that would ultimately be his downf’all’.
  • Seductive:  This brooding, well-tailored gentleman will sweep you off your feet with his golden voice and his fancy footwork.


  • Brunette:  These raven haired beauties are magnificently portrayed by the same blonde actor.
  • Manipulative:  Demonstrated best in the first Thor movie, Loki puppeteered his brother out of Odin’s favor. Once home, Thomas Sharpe continued his manipulation of his new bride by playing on her desire to save him.
  • Scheming:  From funding home improvement to world domination, these men will plot masterfully to achieve their lofty goals.
  • Silver-Tongued:  The Avengers knew to muzzle Loki’s notorious tongue after his defeat. His lies are his greatest weapon. And who wouldn’t fall for Thomas Sharpe’s lines?


  • Arrogant:  There are no men like them. Only them.
  • Regal:  Raised as a prince, Loki’s posture and resplendent majesty prompt one to kneel. According to Jon Snow, Ser Jaime, with his height and beauty is what a king should look like. But, what does he know?
  • Seeks father’s approval:  In the first Thor film, Loki schemed elaborately to prove his value to Odin. Even as the favored firstborn male, Jaime made choices with Tywin’s esteem in mind. 
  • Skilled Warrior:  An expert combatant, even without his magic, Loki is skilled with a variety of weapons, most notably a dagger. As a young knight, Ser Jaime joined the Kingsguard due to his exceptional swordsmanship.
  • Spoiled:  Raised as an Asgardian Prince, only Thor exceeds the privilege afforded Loki. As heir to Tywin Lannister, Jaime was bestowed the advantages of a wealthy Westeros lordling.


  • Complacent:  The women they love delve into much darker territory, yet they do nearly nothing to deter them, despite their conflicted consciences.
  • Motivated by Love:  The choices made by Thomas and Jaime are fueled by affection for the women they love.
  • Regarded as Exceptionally Attractive:  Despite accompanying beauties like Lucille and Edith, Thomas stands out as loveliest in any room. Exceedingly handsome, with his green eyes and golden mane, even foes marvel at Jaime’s comeliness.
  • Victim of Circumstance:   Both are enslaved by responsibility and love. Jaime is trapped by obligation and the rules of the world where he resides. Thomas is bound by loyalty, born from neglect and mistreatment from his parents.


  • Conflicted by sense of honor:  Raised to protect Asgard, Loki sometimes hesitates in his quest for domination. Torn between his sister, his wife, and what he believes is right, Thomas forces his own doom. Jaime must choose between loyalty to family or keeping his Kingsguard vow.
  • Complicated relationship with sibling:  Loki might fight to protect his brother, only to kill Thor himself. Jamie and Thomas perform deadly and despicable acts to protect their sibling relationships.
  • Well Educated:  Sons of Odin receive every advantage in Asgard. A private tutor and boarding school furnished Thomas’ schooling. Tywin forced Jaime to practice reading and writing for hours beyond his regular study.

What traits did I miss? Other than the unfortunate forced placement of the circle labels, a non-negotiable setting in the diagram creator, what observations should have been noted? Email or simply leave your comments below.

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